Getting the most for your timber.

Timber cruising, GIS mapping, evaluation and representing the landowner to the buyers, by a SC Registered Forester.  These are the services that ensure your long term timber investment pays off.

GIS Mapping

Accurate maps and acreage calculations is critical to good management and maximizing timber sales.  

Representing the landowner

Selling timber is a simple thing.  Selling your timber for what it is really worth is a good bit more complicated.  If you want to get all the value out of your timber, let Altman Forestry help you with your sale.  We have the knowledge and experience to deal with the buyers and get you the most money for your valuable timber assets.  We’re right there with you from beginning to end, from the first evaluation thru the harvest operation.

Current markets

Hardwood or pine? Sawtimber or pulpwood? Knowing what the market demands at any given time is crucial to effective timber sales.  

Understanding the Resource

Whether upland or lowland, matching the operator to the harvest site is important to long term sustainability.